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Our research group consist of researchers from Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya and Sweden. Our aim is to tackle some of the main problems in Africa: 

  1. Limited development within higher education in business administration and entrepreneurship. There is a lack of localized teaching materials, role models, problem based pedagogy and well trained faculty.
  2. Start-up/entrepreneurship culture and activity is based on necessity based entrepreneurship and self-employment. Local eco systems tend to copy industrialized solutions with limited success. This focus tends to create an informal and potentially inefficient economy.
  3. Lack of funding for early start-ups and growing firms in Africa. Despite an inflow of foreign direct investments. As well as, the issue of micro finance and whether it is a blessing or potentially a curse.
  4. Lack of exchange and understanding between foreign investments/companies and local ditto.
  5. Lack of institutional awareness about Africa and a very limited exchange of Students and faculty.